Abbe Refractometer With Digital Thermometer


Laboratory Refractometer is a bench-top refractometer that offer the highest precision of the different types of refractometers. Nearly a century and a half after their introduction, refractometers have come a long way in terms of usefulness, though their principle of operation has changed very little.

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The Abbe-2WAJ-T Refractometer is a simple device to with a high resolution. It is able to perform
multiple functions. It is a tabletop instrument to quickly and accurately determine the refractive index
nD (between 1.300 and 1.700), Average color dispersion NF-NC of transnsparent and semitransparent liquid or solid, as well as the sugar content in liquids, dispersions, emulsions and other
translucent substances. With this refractometer you will be able to determine the refrac-tive index with
a temperature range form 0 … to + 70 ºC by using the thermometer included in the delivery. The
temperature can be controlled by means of an external thermostat with incorporated water tube
adapters in the upper and lower prisms. It also allows you to determine the sugar con-tent with a
range of 0 … 95% (1,333 … 1,531) accurately . Besides these functions, it can also be used to perform
other functions. This means that the refractometer has got the ability to measure and analyze lipids,
oils, paints, food, lacquered and chemical substances, alcohols and solvent elements.

  • Digital Thermometer.
  • Solid cast metal housing.
  • Built in Light.
  • Refractive index and sugar content.
  • High resolution.
  • Adaptable thermometer.



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